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John Coode, 1689-1690

Leader of the Protestant Associators who seized the government on August 1, 1689.


Nehemiah Blakiston, 1691-1692

Appointed president of the Committee for the Government of Maryland when Coode went to England.

Sir Lionel Copley, 1692-1693

Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1693, 1694

Elected governor after the death of Copley, but had served only a week or two when Sir Edmund Andros arrived in Maryland to assume control of the government.

Sir Edmund Andros, 1693

 Colonel Nicholas Greenberry, 1693-1694

 Sir Edmund Andros, 1694

Remained in Maryland about a week.

Sir Thomas Lawrence, 1694

Appointed president of the council by Andros.

Sir Francis Nicholson, 1694-1698/99

 Colonel Nathaniel Blakiston, 1698/99-1702

 Thomas Tench, 1702-1704

Appointed president of the council by Blackiston.

Colonel John Seymour, 1704-1709

 Major General Edward Lloyd, 1709-1714

Elected president of the council when Colonel Francis Jenkins, who was senior member of the council and thus entitled to succeed Seymour, failed to assert his right promptly.

John Hart, 1714-1715

Governors under Restored Proprietary Government, 1715-1776

John Hart, 1715-1720

Continued to serve as governor after control of the province was returned to Charles, 5th Lord Baltimore, a professed Protestant.

Thomas Brooke, 1720

Became president of the council by virtue of his seniority when Hart returned to England.

Charles Calvert, 1721-1727

 Benedict Leonard Calvert, 1727-1731

 Samuel Ogle, 1731-1732

Charles Calvert, 1732-1733

Samuel Ogle, 1733-1742

 Thomas Bladen, 1742-1746/47

 Samuel Ogle, 1746/47-1752

 Benjamin Tasker, 1752-1753

Was President of His Lordships Council and, upon the death of Samuel Ogle, became acting Governor

Horatio Sharpe, 1753-1769

 Robert Eden, 1769-1776

Eden was in England from May to November 1774, during which time Richard Lee, president of the council, governed the province. Lee also governed the province briefly in 1776 during the interval between Eden's departure and the assumption of the government by the convention.