Inscription on Benjamin Tasker Jr's Grave      Hon. Benjamin Tasker Sr



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Inscriptions on the Graves of Benjamin Tasker, Jun.Esq late Secretary of Maryland who died in the 39th year of his age.

        To this sad shrine who e'er thou art, draw near.

        Here lies the friend most lov'd, the son most dear;

        Who ne'er knew job but friendship might divide

        Or gave his father grief, but when he died

        Compos'd in suffering and in joy sedate,

        Good without noise, without pretension great.

         Go live, for heav'ns eternal yer is thine,

         So and exalt thy mortal to divine;

         Go where to love and to enjoy are one

         Yet take these tears, mortality's relief,

         And till we share your joys forgive our grief:

          These little rites, a stone, a verse receive,

           'Tis all a father, all a friend can give'


                    Here are deposited the remains of the Hon. Benjamin Tasker, Esq. who departed this life June 19, A.D. 1768, in the 78th year of his age, which thought of a constitution naturally weak and tender, he attained through the efficiency of an exemplary temperance.  At the time of his decease he was president of the council, a station he had occupied for 32 years.  The offices of agent and receiver general and Judge of the prerogative court, the successively exercised.  Such were his qualities, his probity, equanimity, candor, benevolence, that no one was more respected, more beloved. so diffusive and pure