Ogle Castle         Whalton Church, Whalton, England

                                 Church where the Ogles worshipped & many are buried inside the

                                 Church in the Ogles' Chancel.

Whalton Church Interior View - Looking toward the Pulpit. The Ogle Chancel is to the right of the aisle - It is a separate room


John Savile Ogle, D.D.      Rev. Edward Chaloner Ogle M.A.    Lady Lilian Ogle

Henry Bertram Ogle, Esquire      OGLE, ENGLAND

Click on small pictures to enlarge                      Standing behind the sign is Phillip   


Ogle Family of Maryland and Allied Families. com Photos from my personal collection and provided to me by Phillip Ogle  on his trip to England in 1990

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